1. Revised AML/CFT Issues Guide for Policies & Procedures Manuals
  2. Record Retention Guidelines
  3. Revised Guidelines on Maintaining Reserves and Statutory Deposits
  4. Procedure for registering an Issuer under the Anguilla Utility Token Offering Act, 2018
  5. Procedure for making an application for a license to carry on business in or from within Anguilla as a Utility Token Offering Administrator under the Anguilla Utility Token Offering Act, 2018
  6. Guideline on Acceptability of a Primary Insurer for Producer Affiliated Re-Insurance Company
  7. Fast Track Licensing Application Process for Captive Insurance and Producer Affiliated Re-Insurance Company Applicants
  8. Procedure for Making an Application for Licensing as a Producer Affiliated Re-Insurance Company
  9. Guidelines for the Conduct of Company Management Business Through an Intermediary Revised
  10. Guidelines on Acceptability of an Auditor
  11. Guidance Notes – An Actuary under the Insurance Act R.S.A. c. I16
  12. Procedure for Submission of Applications and Licensing
  13. Guidelines on Combatting the Abuse of Non-Profit Organisations
  14. Guidelines on Risk Management of Electronic Banking
  15. Guidelines on Restricted Trust Companies
  16. Guidelines on Use of Letter of Credit on Initial Capitalization of Insurers
  17. Guidelines on Audit Exemption Applications by Certain Captive Insurers (revised 2017)
  18. Licensing Guidelines – Offshore Banking
  19. Capital Adequacy Guidelines of Non- Insurance Licensees
  20. Guidance on Definition of Offshore Banking Business
  21. Guidelines on Politically Exposed Persons
  22. Guidelines on Fit and Proper individuals
  23. Guidance Notes – Minimum Margin of Solvency
  24. Guidance Notes- Allowable Assets
  25. Guidance Notes – Responsibilities of Insurance Managers
  26. Approval of Compliance Officers
  27. Guidance to qualified fund administrators/intermediaries and other fund incorporators/service providers
  28. A guide to the Mutual Funds Act 2004
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